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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 21, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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marine killed in afghanistan. u.s. lawmakers fail to reach a deal on deficit cuts. tonight's potential fallout. a pepper spraying by police officers an uc davis prompts one leader to be placed on leave. >> this is bay area news at 7. good evening, it's monday, november 21st. this is bay area news at 7. the family of a bay area marine killed in afghanistan returned home to danville late this afternoon and greeted by hundreds of supporters who lined the streets of their home. it's our top story at 7. we have the community's message for the family. >> reporter: this is a loss that has touched so many people in danville. relatives tell me the remains of
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lance corporal josh sadal are in philadelphia but the family returned home today and the support was immense. they came silently. some carrying flags and signs of love and support. others wrapped in the red, white and blue. >> i've known him forever. this is just heartbreaking. he was the nicest kid and everyone knew he was. >> reporter: joshua corall was killed last week in afghanistan. he'd been overseas two months doing the dangerous job as a mine sweeper. >> he was leading every patrol. to have that job means you're a good marine and have all the guys behind you trusting you. >> reporter: he was a high school classmate, fellow marine and like a brother. >> he was a big part of my life, no one will replace him. he was always there for me. >> reporter: the loss cuts deep for this town of danville. he graduated in 2010, a star
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athlete and one of twelve classmates that entered the military. >> he always had a smile and upbeat personality. >> they're all extended sons of our community and this was a shock. the whole town is still reeling from it. >> just letting them know we're here for them and supporting them. >> reporter: about 4:15 his parents arooied home embraced by a crowd of people giving their support and sharing their grief. >> we can't say enough about the support we've gotten. we just want to say thank you very much. >> reporter: a canned light vigil is set for 6:00 p.m. at the veteran's memorial in danville's oak hill park. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> he is one of two young men to
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die last week in afghanistan. 21-year-old sean walsh was killed wednesday after his patrol was attacked. this tribute video posted on youtube features 8 minutes of photos and videos of walsh. the man accused of shooting and killing a vallejo police officer is -- a first degree murder charge was added. smith is accused of shooting officer capoot last thursday as he chased a suspect from a bank robbery. the judge continued his arraignment from one week from today. a woman is suing the city's police department for killing her son last year. vickie says officers acted negligently and used excessive force when they shot her 21-year-old son on may 28th. welch was unarmed when police tried to take him into custody.
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he didn't obey their authorities and thought he was reaching for a gun and only holding a cell phone. former police officer makes his first court appearance since being released from prison for the shooting of oscar grant. see why he's back in court. now to washington, d.c. where the super committee of -- on spending cuts. as emily reports, there is now uncertainty about what happens next. >> reporter: when congress voted back in august to let the government borrow more money, there was a catch. a super committee charged with cutting $1.2 trillion in spending. high stakes and by monday's deadline, low expectations. >> we're still talking and see what happens today but the hours are short. >> reporter: all the six republicans and democrats could agree on is they could not agree on how to bridge the partisan
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divide. >> our democratic friends won't cut one dollar more without raising taxes. that tells you a lot about themment. >> the whole deal is being held hostage to the idea that the wealthiest people in america ought to get a bigger tax cut and everybody else chips in. >> reporter: mandatory budget cuts will begin in january 2013. divided equally between defense and nondefense spending. these cuts would cripple the military. after the deal collapsed, president obama vowed to veto any attempt to roll back the required reduction. >> the only way the spending cuts will not take place is if congress gets back to work and agrees on a balanced plan to reduce the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion. >> reporter: as far as political blame, a new cnn international poll finds democratic leadership approval has dropped 6 points and republican approval is down 13 points and neither can claim
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30% support. since the budget cuts won't begin until after the election, congress will have the option to amend the law or repeal it. >> the failure of the super committee could have consequences for the bay area, including a chain of community clinics. s. >> it's about people fighting diabetes and not having their foot amputated because they couldn't get to a doctor. >> ten health centers rely on federal funds and serve 90,000 low income and homeless clients. if the cuts are triggered they would have to cut 8,000 patients. officials say the people could end up sick sxer in the emergency room costing the health care system more. pessimism rained today before official word from the super committee. the dow lost 248 points. nasdaq fell 49 and now a four day losing streak.
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hp says net income plunged as revenue declined in three of the main business lines. they saw a drop in the personal computer unit. hp absorbed losses for shutting down the tablet and smart phone businesses. people hopely to find -- are out of luck. commercial crab boats are tied up at the dock tonight. north coast crab fishermen and processers haven't reached an agreement on a price. if it came tonight, there isn't time to set out the pots and haul them up before thursday. crab owners are demanding $2.50 and process rs are offering $2. many charities are strap and had coming up, the unprecedented ed demand in one part of the bay area. uc davis where tents are going up on campus as students
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and faculty denounce friday's pepper spraying incident of protesters. two officers were placed on paid leave as videos went viral on the internet. the chancellor announced the police chief has been placed on leave. many want her to step down. >> i'm here to apologize. i really feel horrible for what happened on friday. >> several speakers called for the removal of the uc davis police force from campus. occupy cal protesters are one hour into a sleepout. demonstrators are having a pa gentleman ma party. they're protesting cutes to publy education and also angry about police brutality at the occupy demonstration two weeks ago.
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there's no official word from the mayor's officer but protesters fear they're about to be forced out. about 150 tents remain. some at city hall tell us they'd like to find another location at the camp. a smaller occupy demonstration in front of the federal building was taken down yesterday. oakland snow park tents are gone after police sweep overnight. officers moved in after midnight and removed the camp. protesters were given time to gather their things and leave and officers offered to help them as they packed up. city workers brought in trucks to remove debris left behind. for more coverage including a slide show of the pepper spray incident, go to a new jersey man who stole art from an art gallery heard his sentence and be extradited to new york. a san francisco judge sentenced mark lugo to 138 days in jail. time he's already served.
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he will remain behind bars because he's awaiting prosecution in new york for the theft of art work there. he pleaded guilty to stealing the art work on july 5th and rehung this morning near mason street. the gallery owner said it's not going anywhere. >> this is now bolted into the wall and we'll have a chain that locks it down into the wall so if you come to pull it off the wall, you'll no longer, this is not sheet rock. this is metal so you couldn't pull it off the wall. >> he says the drawing has more than doubled in value since the theft. oakland mayor announced her pick for her new chief of staff. she selected ann campbell-washington. she served as chief of staff in 2003 and 2004 to jerry brown when he was mayor of oakland. in addition to overseeing the staff and helping to restructure her administration, campbell-washington will be a senior policy adviser.
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she's back in court. an excon and expolice officer. we'll explain why. a witness described the heros who sprang into action in san francisco to save a man in a fiery crash. partly cloudy and cool across the bay area. what you can expect for your tuesday, including we may see light rain and when the models are predicting we'll all be wet.
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the white house is calling for restraint in egypt after three days of violent protest. the death toll is up to at least 26. country's cabinet offered to resign today but failed to quail the deep frustration with the
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new military rulers. demonstrators are demanding they give up their power to a civilian government. they're a week away from their first election. penn state inlested louis free to help head up the investigation into the child sex abuse scandal. free says he'll go back as far as 1975 in his review of the allegation. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is charged with 40 counts of abuse. it's rocked the university's storied football program leading to the firing of joe paterno. johannes mehserle is back in court. a jury is in place to decide his involvement in another incident. >> mehserle convicted of involuntary manslaughter for killing oscar grant is now in court. this time at the san francisco federal building to defend himself and four other police
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officers in a lawsuit filed by another passenger in another case six weeks before the fatal shooting of grant. >> he was one of the officers that was beaten. >> reporter: kenneth says the officers used excessive force and violated the civil rights at the oakland coliseum bart station in november of 2008. >> as you can see here i got a black eye. mehserle turned and said, have you learned not to mess with the police? i stated to him, all i know is you beat me up. >> reporter: by all accounts he cursed at the officers and he said he did nothing but use his freedom of speech. bart counters witnesses will testify he refused to leave, followed the officers, approached one with clinched fists and yelling threats. >> based on mehserle's history, it's obviously what happened is a violation of his rights.
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>> reporter: a jury of six women and two men, one asian and the rest white was picked to decide whether his civil rights were violated and how much bart should pay him. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. there are concerns a fire in burke lee last friday that gutted a building could cause economic troubleses for nearby businesses. the fire grew to five alarms and the building is red tagged forcing two businesses to close. those who work at a nearby shop say they hope the intersection will bounce back and one city counselman says it behooves the city to make sure they're reopened as soon as possible. two good samaritans and a police officer are credited with saving a man's life after they pulled him from a burning car. this was the scene this morning around 1:30 when the car slammed into a light post on folsom street in san francisco. a witness said the taxi driver, an officer and another man ran
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to rescue the driver. >> the flames grew bigger and bigger and bigger while they tried to get this guy. i think it's very heroic. an explosion could happen at any time and they stayed with it. which is incredible. >> police say the driver is a 35-year-old man. he was taken to sf general and expected to survive. upon his release, investigators say he'll be arrested on suspicion of dui. an electrical glitch led to an emergency in the civic center neighborhood. witnesses reported smoke from a manhole at 8:30. a spokesman said a small cable that supplies cable to a traffic signal malfunctioned. a major league baseball player is dead and his brother is under arrest. 24-year-old greg halman was stabbed to death this morning. he was an outfielder for the seattle mariners who split time between the majors and triple-a team. he is dutch and in europe as part of a major league tour.
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today in the south bay, free turkeys and groceries for those in need. long lines at charities indicate more people than ever before need help for the holidays. >> reporter: people began lining up to get turkeys this morning at sacred heart community services. more than 4,000 families get food boxes. the most the charity has given out. anthony coleman who lost his job as a medical technician came for the first time. >> i got all the provisions for thanksgiving and it's a blessing rfrnths what would you have done if you hadn't gotten this? >> i have no idea what the situation would be for the holidays. >> reporter: a surge of donation froms school and church groups rescued the give away. >> we've seen cuts that have happened from state and county and local government that have been key fo us and part of the funding mix and see the dollars dry and you happen go away.
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>> reporter: city team ministries gave out boxes today and a 20% jump from last year. >> they probably have one job holding the family together and they're trying to pay the rent and the electric bill. >> reporter: city team solved an ongoing worker short er -- >> i'm so grateful for the chance to be here and give them a hot meal and feel more thankful. >> reporter: sacred heart needs more food and 17,000 toys for christmas boxes. that donation drive starts next monday. in san jose, robert honda. >> scientists are stunned by what they're seeing take place in the waters off california. young male dolphins killing porpoises. it's the second time they've seen this behavior. they speculate it happens during breeding season when they have
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higher levels of testosterone. more dead porpoises have showed up and killed by blunt force trauma. vampires and war wolves spiced up the box office. it looks like the rain has gone away but not for long. we'll tell you if you can expect a rainy thanksgiving. watch bay area news at 7 on your computer or mobile device. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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now get u-verse with dvr at the lowest price ever. at&t. . . engineers say a bluff south of los angeles is likely unreparable after a 900-foot portion crumbled to the water below yesterday. the earth was weakened and shifting at a rate of 4 inches a day. heavy rains over the weekend proved to be too much. it may take months to figure out what to do with the land. our meteorologist is here to talk about a dry period before things change. >> yes, it's temporary in time for the holiday and a part of that drive. we'll see wet weather return to the area. if you're making trekkes to the
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northern section of the state or oregon or washington, rainy there and it's not going to change. we've got light winds outside our door and temperatures falling. 53 in san francisco and 54 in oakland and shifting into the upper 40s, concord, north bay, partly cloudy skies, 49 santa rosa. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. still a chill in the air already. a ridge of high pressure in place but a weak one. you can see from the clouds sort of zonel. northern california seeing light rain and could see it sink south a little bit. here we are tuesday morning and notice the tail end of the clouds sliding down to the north bay and likely to stay dry. i want to put in the possibility of drizzle tomorrow morning. this storm is primarily to the north and stay north. mainly dry for tuesday and wednesday is when the next system really starts to impact
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us. it looks like by wednesday evening. if you're arriving on wednesday the big travel day the south bay and farther south dry for wednesday but this is going to slide through into the evening houring. by the afternoon and into the late evening hours. we're here at midnight thanksgiving morning. as long as you're traveling before that, we could actually miss it. looks like the rain may fall while we are sleeping and that includes for the sierra. your travels for wednesday looks good. tomorrow partly cloudy skies and the morning fog. could be patchy dense especially in the valley locations. for wednesday in a nutshell, rain developing over the north bay in the afternoon and slides south and leave in scattered showers for thanksgiving and for the most part thanksgiving actually starting to look pretty good. 47 degrees in the overnight hours and for oakland 45 expected and 43 redwood city and like this morning.
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low 60s in the forecast tomorrow and partly cloudy skies and low winds. your extended forecast taking care of tomorrow, it's going to be a quiet day and partly cloudy and drizzle and partly to mostly cloudy over the north bay. wednesday is when we see the next storm arrive by the afternoon into the overnight hours into thanksgiving there. we'll leave in the possibility of morning showers for thanksgiving and we dry out pretty good in time for your weekend. if you're doing holiday shopping, not bad. low 60s in the forecast for saturday. >> rosemary, thank you. $283 million, that's how much the latest movie in the twilight series took in this weekend in worldwide ticket sales. >> get ready, they're coming for bella. >> "breaking dawn, part 1" had the fifth best opening weekend in history. it made $139 million in the u.s. premier and $144 million overseas. that's our report.
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i'm gasia. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues at and our 10:00 news at ktvu channel 2. úp
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